Improved reader engagement & loyalty.

The largest news site in the Philadelphia region, relaunched in November 2012 with tremendous results. An increase in all KPIs including unique visitors, page views and time on site. ComScore rankings increased 4 positions to 13th largest new website.


Relevant Content Modules

Specially designed content modules allowed pages to be customized dynamically for special events and news coverage.

PHL-3PHL-3 Mobile

The mobile companion to, the largest website in the Philadelphia region, the mobile experience complements the online relaunch from late-2012 with consistent visual style and content strategy. The improved mobile site brings the wealth of content and utility of to visitors anywhere, anytime. Focusing around a homepage experience that elevates the newest content through swipeable containers, users can quickly find stories, galleries and videos on their favorite topics. In addition, the redesign featured new functionality allowing visitors to find restaurants, events and other things to do around Philadelphia.