World Wide Stereo

A Premium Experience.

World Wide Stereo is a leader in home theater, video and audio solutions, offering an expertly curated selection of products from the most prestigious brands. Supporting a nearly 40 million dollar brick-and-mortar business, the online store contributes over 8 million dollars in revenue to the company. Launched in October 2015, the responsive design delivers high-impact imagery and interactions for customers across all devices. An intuitive user interface combined with bold typography and colors, yield an impactful and memorable experience for customers.


Frictionless Buying

Presenting the catalog of premium products in a beautiful and dramatic fashion was a goal of the new site design. The product detail page features large images to offer customers a true glimpse of the details and design of each item. However, this created some challenges to in keeping important conversaion elements in clear view. 

The solution included a "sticky" bar anchored to the bottom of the browser providing customers with the abilitiy to add this item to their cart at any time in addition to keeping supportive customer service messaging visible at all times.