Intelligence for the workday.

Consultants at one of the top global business consulting firms, KPMG, work extremely busy days, navigating a constant array of meetings, travel and other business needs. To perform at their best, KPMG sought a solution that leverages data and machine learning to help streamline their employees’ work days. The experience, KPMGOne, is an app that leverages multiple data points and integrations to actively think ahead for employees and intelligently present relevant content and tools they need in the moment.


Informed by research, powered by data.

Creating an intelligent, powerful and personalized dashboard requires an understanding of complex needs and behaviors across a variety of users. Merged with internal and external data sources, a unique, individual and dynamic experience presents users with in-the-moment information and tools to accomplish their tasks.


Unify & scale

A custom Design System served as the foundation for a library of modules which form the core components of the experience. A modular dashboard reacts in real time to data and business rules to present the most important modules and information first.



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