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Empowering Xfinity customers with tools and systems to manage their services plays a critical role in providing an enriched end-to-end digital experience. The resulting application has helped to scale Comcast's subscriber base, resulting in an application used by over 20% of new Xfinity customers.


Application Design

My team’s primary assignment was to create a self-service experience for new and existing Xfinity customers - nearly 50 million visitors monthly - that simplifies the myriad of service options available to Xfinity customers. The experience matches customers with available offers in their market and the appropriate service and hardware to support their needs. Understanding the Xfinity product offering and how those services were bundled and sold across different markets was key to creating a successful experience. The My.Xfinity.Com portal is responsible for over 20% of new Xfinity subscribers.


Natural Language Interface Concept

What if a website could speak with its customers? What would it ask? How would it behave?

I explored a natural-language experience for customers to select and subscribe to Xfinity TV services. Understanding how customers want to consume content on each TV in their home allows the platform to match services and hardware. Through 3 simple questions, the site is able to make these matches and create an efficient and expedient experience for new customers.



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